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2 comments | Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Was listening to this track from the soft porn flick Zeher (Udita goswami's skin and cleavage show ,the moans and grunts forces me to call the movie that!) - woh bheegi bheegi yaadein... I am actually averse to the typical hindi movie songs.... (the tabla-string-dholak routines) but this one was good rite from the first lissening (Okay, my room mate hates it!!!) . I rushed to google to find out the MD for the song! Roopkumar Rathod?? Whats wrong with the world??? No Way No Way... I said to myself... He CANNOT make such a nice track for sure!! (Okay, I am judgemental when it comes to HINDI MDs..) I cross checked with few more sites... all of em say its RR... and a singer called Atif. Atif? Debutanate? where did he come from now??? dont know!!! Okay, I went around recommending to all my frens about this "great" track from zeher.

One night, I was just surfing channels and there the song is "woh bheegi bheegi yaadein...." The video dint have Udita goswami (I was disappointed...) nor did the eternal put off emran hashmi... Instead, It had a guitarist, a bassist and a Singer.... I waited for the credits... Oh yeah, Its a band called Jal! Where are they from? - Pakistan! Now... I had to search for Jal... ended up in http://www.jaltheband.com. The band dosent have a singer called Atif!!! Hey wait! the band HAD a singer called Atif! Its just that they broke up! Now that they are broke up, Atif has to do the damage. Which better place than the hindi music industry can he find an opportunity for that 'noble act?' Okay, Mahesh bhatt steps in, Lissens to "woh lamhey..." and says... "Badhiya hai... apne picture mein daal deinge... waise bhi woh Saala RR bhi kya music banaayega... bakra banaadenge saale ko..."

Atleast Mr bhatt could have given credit to Jal for using their tune! Why? Bollywood doesnt understand the word credit!! The movie itself is a screen by screen copy of a hollywood flick, and we are not crediting that, where do we have the time to credit the musician (woh bhi, saala pakistani!! Enemy that they are!!) Sadly, Its only the pakistani bands are making original music today ( I am talking about the lissenable variety). We dont care, we can neways copy it... thats easier too... and we have the expertise too... Anu malik, nadeem shravan... we have the world leaders! Hey... but we in India are making music too... okay a bit of music and alot of music videos! lesser the cloths and fainter the voice, better is the market value... Lets keep making remixes and noisy bhangra tracks.... we have the visuals neways na... for a change , if we want to lissen to a good track, we have our pakistani enemies producing it neways!!!

Long live HINDI Music ! God save my Ears!


Blogger sou said...

A very impassioned and true post! I agree completely..all the latest songs i've been hearing either are a direct "lift" from a paki song or are "inspired" from it.

What r u waiting for dude? Go ahead and make ur own music and save all our ears :)

10:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur absolutely right.

i have also become a great a fan of strings , jal, ali azmat, ali zafar,rahat khan..... coz they r original, not vulgar,and yes hell lot good compared 2 singers like himesh with his nasal twang i'm tired of him

9:24 PM


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