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2 comments | Monday, October 10, 2005

Its been about 2.5 months since I have hit this space to type out my insane instincts :)!! Have been very busy at work, and have been spending a lot of time at work. Macromedia is such a fantastic workplace, I just cant have any regrets about anything excepting, I couldnt get to write about a lot of stuff that I wanted to write! Now now... So much has happened ever since my last post on 25th August!! I am just waiting to wind up today's work and get into the blogging mood! :)

More after 6:30PM IST 10.10.2005

Cheers, Me!


Blogger Ganesh said...

Toongikkittu iruntha Singatha eluppinathu yaaru?

8:37 AM

Blogger bharati said...

hey vodka...! great going! u're with macromedia..man reminds me of the times i saw u at CSD...good man..keep the drive going! am sure u're gonna crack the scene..
and u've got a nice blog going...am gonna b a 100 times carnatic-wise wiser, if i keeping hitting this spot..and i cud do with all tht initiation:D

11:44 AM


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