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8 comments | Monday, December 26, 2005

Small attempt at retrospecting 2005, Only important events:

  • New years at home. (after a long time)
  • Move to Keerthy Regency (Living in a big apartment dream come true)
  • Booking 103, My Pride - Riviera (My own home sweet home)
  • First ever major Bank Loan
  • Biking to electronics City
  • Started Blogging (may)
  • IIM-B shows (one success, one flop)
  • Quit Ascendum (hard decision, had to move on!)
  • Macromedia Job (wonderful event!)
  • IBM Thinkpad T42
  • Asha in Bangalore (Lifes never been so good!)
  • Macromedia Party (Wild)
  • Zen Neeon
  • Maami (Tsunami :D) fiasco, the devotional project that was never to happen
  • Ammu with Swamy
  • Trip with Asha
  • Above & Beyond award
  • Concert at Malliyoor
  • Guruvayoor Ekadasi
  • Asha at Home
  • Aarariro with Swamy
  • Adobe Merger (The name "Macromedia" ceases to exist)
  • PVR gold class movie (The stupid neal n nikki)
  • Asha back to hyd (miss u da!)
  • Jo and the musicians of blogsphere


Moving on to 2006 with a lot of hope, prayer and dreams. Hoping that 2006 be a much more rewarding, peaceful and successful year not only for me, but also for each one of you, india and the whole world. This is my last post for the year 2005. See you all in 2006. Belated christmas wishes and a happy new year in advance for all of you!



Blogger Shrutkeerti Khurana said...

Your voice is AWESOME! Reached your page through my quadie Raghini's blog.

Had a question too. Am trying to get a track uploaded on my page too. Which software/player do I use? Can you help me out :)

1:35 AM

Blogger Ganesh said...


Lets us all hope for a better and peaceful new year


2:46 AM

Blogger Injikadan Mathai said...

wow..that was a great year for ya dude..well i wish you all the best for the comin year and waiting to listen to more songs from ya...

9:03 AM

Blogger Sriram said...

Hey Harish
I was bloghoppin throu Ganesh's site and landed on urs... neat blog and if I may appreciate-"You have very good voice and some neat talent". Have a great new year and happy Jammin..

11:58 AM

Blogger Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...


Thanks for the comment. I use Macromedia Flash Media component to upload songs to my site. U might need a licenced version of flash to do that. Else you could try audioblog (its a paid service though!)

Tailgunner, Ganesh:

Thanks a lot! Wish you a very happy newyear too!


Thanks for visiting my blogspace! Wish you a happy new year and hope to produce better music in the days to come!

3:13 PM

Blogger Shrutkeerti Khurana said...

Hey Harish
Thanks a ton. Ganesh also mentioned castpost.

It works well for me :) A little slow coz of the speed but its ok after sometime. U could try it too :)

6:19 PM

Blogger Jo said...

Man, am so glad to meet you and the other guys too! And am so very excited about our project. :-)

9:14 PM

Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very neatly summed up. Nicely written. My best wishes to you for all your hopes and dreams to come true in 2006.

I am happy too...to find you via the wonderful world of Internet.!

Look forward to a lot of musical magic from you.!

PS - The song in your earlier post is not streaming

10:20 PM


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