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2 comments | Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This venture is certainly very unique in the the blogsphere. Concieved and spearheaderd by popular blogger and immensely talented musician Joseph thomas (Jo), Blogswara will be rocking the internet space in a short while. Visit www.blogswara.in or jocalling.blogspot.com for more details on the release schedules.

Talking about Blogswara, I need to talk about a big personal loss that I am encountering. I was lucky enough to be considered to be part of this venture. Thanks to some personal and official commitments in the last month, I could not deliver as promised to this project. a great loss indeed for the musician in me!

With the kind of musical talent that Blogswara has, I have no doubts that this is going to be a mighty successful venture.

This post also marks my return to active blogging after that month long sabbatical from blogging. Do watch this space.. I will be back again late today evening !



Blogger Jo said...

You are still part of the project buddy. Your Malayalam song is part of our project and considering the fact that Blogswara will be a continued effort, you will definitely be a part of this.

3:27 PM

Blogger .:: Rosh ::. said...

welcome back.
and i say Amen to Jo's words.

1:30 AM


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