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1 comments | Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy women's day. Its that day of the year for all the women of the world to be proud of what they are & what they have achieved!

But things doesnt seem too easy to the women in our country. Thanks to Sree, I got a chance to read this article. Do go through this one, it is an extremely honest and blatant essay about the horrifying street sexual harrassment encountered by women of our country every single day! If you feel you can contribute to eradicating this highly perverted human mentality from the society, do support "The Blank Noise Project"


Blogger Sree said...

thanks harish, some moments when one just needs a reassurance in humanity...to be able to hope for better! thanks for providing that:) though i expected some potential debate on chauvinism/feminism!:D

6:23 PM


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