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32 comments | Friday, April 28, 2006

For those folks have followed malayalam music through late 80s through 90s might not need an introduction to this genius music director called Sharath. I have listened to his songs with amazement every time he comes out with one. He chose to keep a low profile despite the classic songs that he gave to the malayalam industry. May be he was too picky and preferred not to work on mainstream projects. The reason that prompted me to write this post is this particular song from the recently released tamil movie June R. This is "Rimjhim Rimjhim" The song has two versions, one with Sujatha and the other with Hariharan.

It was such a pleasant surprice to hear that signature sharath style once again though this time it was in tamil. I have searched hard on internet to get a biography / Filmography of sharath, with little success. So I shall go ahead a write whatever I know about this great musician. Sharath is based out of Thiruvananthapuram, he is a disciple of Shri. Dr. Balamurali Krishna in carnatic music. He is a great singer himself too. His remarkable compositions include "sudhaamantram niveditham.." (also "diwaaswapnam pozhinjupoy") from the lesser known malayalam movie Devadasi with Shri Unnikrishnan's voice. Shri Unni himself has confessed in many interviews that, this song was the toughest ever in his career. Still lingering in my mind is "thaalamayanju, gaanamapoornam" and "sree raagamo thedunnu nee.." from the mohanlal starrer Pavithram. Sharath's classic orchestration patterns and distinct style can be seen in compositions like "doore doore ende sindoora rekhayil..." from the movie sindoorarekha. His arrangement is so novel that it cannot be compared to any one else's style that you have ever heard. He brought in elements of jazz fusion to malayalam music with the music of "maaleyam maarodalinju..." from the movie Thacholi varghese chekavar. Based on raaga Mohana Kalyani, this is a wonderful experimental composition. Very inspiring!(this was much before Vidyasagar's foray to malayalam music, which revloutionized the way malayali listened to film music)

If anyone thought Sharath cannot come up with peppy numbers, he proves you wrong there too, Listen to "ini maanathum nakshathra pookkaalam..." from the movie Cover Story, you would know. Sharath has once again proved his mastery over the art with the music of June R. He Rocks!




Blogger Jo said...

Right from the movie "Kshanakkatthu" loved all his movie songs. But he didn't get the attention he deserved.

8:57 PM

Blogger Ganesh said...

in filmi world sometimes good artist get lost, hopefully he stays in tamil to give more music.

12:53 AM

Blogger bharat said...

you can actually add a page on imdb or wikipedia. Heard June R. refreshingly new.

11:19 PM

Anonymous pannpriyan said...


If you need more information on Sharath you need to talk to none other than singer Shreeni!! Shreeni has said great things about Sharath in his interviews. Have a chat with Shreeni about Sharath!

Good luck!

1:13 AM

Blogger krishnakumar said...

Hi Harish:
I had written a long review once titled "Where is sharath?", so, in fact I agree with you 100%. Sharath's composing is unique. I would say, if at all, his only resemblence is to IR. His patterns are awfully complicated. I thought that his numbers in Pavithram (Sreeragamo & Vaalinmel) were somewhat simple and melodious. I would say, his materpiece is the reethigaula number: Paranathosmi (Sindoorarekha). One keyword, the orchestral ambience has has created for that song...just simply amazing....
Keep writing,

9:52 AM

Blogger Rathish said...

It was Sharath who had introduced the singers Shreeni(in Thacholi Varghese Chekavar) and Vidhu Prathap(in Devadasi).

2:37 PM

Blogger Sumesh said...

sharat is a gifted artist...
sreeragamo from pavithram is one of his best compositions...

11:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharath is a musical genius, here is his fabulous composition from the Malayalam movie called “Vilakku Vecha Neram” song is Devikenoopuram-Chitra. I think one of Chitra’s interviews she said that this song was very difficult to sing. Also there was an album by Shrath called “Veendum” singers are Chitra, Shrinivas and Sharath. Now Sharath is one of the judges in Idea Star Singer 2007 on Asianet M-F 8.30pm-9.30pm.

Here is the song:


1:24 AM

Blogger Sachin said...

simply awesome musician.....

9:42 PM

Blogger Sudhir said...

Sarath is a good musician. ONV Kurup said after the composition of the songs in 'Pavithram' that there was a new young talented musician called Sarath. I feel Sarath's best compositions are the songs in 'Pavithram'. Particularly 'thalamayanju..' and 'Sreeraagamo...' . I wonder why he is not doing much works now. May be he would have felt that contemporary composition was not suitable for his style...

9:29 AM

Blogger Sujit said...

u missed out ottayal pattalam..
dat movie had an amazing song called mayamanchalil.. sung by venugopal...

4:00 PM

Blogger Raes said...

hmm i have to agree with everybody above..all his songs are par perfection....but I have a special affection for his songs from Sndoorarekha because those songs affected me deeply when I saw the movie and the contribution they made to the movie was heavy....Pranadosmi is a lesson in music by itself...and each song has its own indiividuality...but the climax song Naadam was also a masterpeace..the way the song shifted its tempo from emotional,desperation to tragedy and the way the entire song built up was an amazing experience...even today when i listen to the song i can feel the despair and shock of the protoganost..complimented by amazing lyrics..

Bottom line is Sharath is a dictionary in Music..a legend who has yet been given his due and i pray that the industry understands this genius's potential and seats him on the mantle deserving of him and that he can continue from where the great raveendran mash stopped...


8:45 PM

Blogger shenthilkumar said...

hai im hareesh,i love sharath sirs music.he's next to ravindran master.the unique style of his music takes me to a majic world.

12:41 AM

Blogger dream said...

Click here: Amazing%20Sharath

Sharath sir is an awesome director. Very knowledgable person.
Very nice to watch him in the ISS. Please check out the above link.

6:45 AM

Blogger Manu said...

Sarath to me is up with the best . He is a great music director.. in the list above u hve missed Ottayla Pattalam which has Mayamanchalil . Of course Pavithram and Sindhoorarekha , kshanakathu all has some great songs which are everlasting

9:32 PM

Anonymous jyothish said...

hi im jyothish,
Sharath the genous music Director...I wonder y he is sitting idle....the industry is not giving atn to such gr8 music director ever....he cud fill gap of the gr8 Raveendran Master...Awonderful and adfclt compostn from his is Aaa ragam Madhumayamam ragammm...its such a wonderful compostion....all the best Sharath...Do somthing for him gift us wonderful songs....thnx

8:33 AM

Blogger Rakesh Nath said...

Wonderful Song Siva. Actually i have added this song in my blog last month and was in search of some description about Sharath in the net. As you said, i could not find anything and was sad. But, i went through your blog and was happy to read it and to know more. Please visit my blog @ http://lovelyrakesh.blogspot.com/

1:10 PM

Anonymous RAjualr said...

Please check this site :



9:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello friend,
I am also a great fan of Shri.sharath and have got much admiration for his knowledge over music. The first time I noticed him was after the release of sagaram sakshi. Pavithram, Thacholi varghese.. are great. I used to hear his light music songs also. All are fantastic. Can u please find out his address.

2:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful music director.....

2:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anybody help me in getting unni krishnan's song 'Sudha Mandram' from the movie Devadasi!


Ravi Kiran M

2:58 PM

Blogger Celia said...

Sharath is one of the best music directors who has always kept a low profile and composed amazing works..His maleyam from Tacholi varghese is flabberghasting!
Kudos to Him!

9:47 PM

Blogger shibeesh c said...

The real music Legend Sri sarath sir you are the next legend of raga raja Ravindran I really enjoying high range of your music like feeling Ravindran songs

5:24 PM

Blogger Babloo said...

Hi All,Plz help me ... I want to know the song sang by sharath in ISS ...some Tamil Songs..dont know wether it was his own composition.

9:53 AM

Blogger AspiringAnup said...

sharat is really amazing. his songs are really refreshing.
thank you sivaramakrishnan for
sharing the songs.

8:19 PM

Blogger hariharan said...

hi all i m really wondered about his music knowledge i had a chance to sing before him in a music show really i learned lot from his comments let me me pray god for him to get him in a lime light soon.

7:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
Sharath is amazing.Unique in style.His deep knowledge in classical music which is blended with modern style.Can someone tell me from where I can find all the CD's of his works? I have the hobby of collecting music CD's.(I have thousands of albums).Sharath does concerts(Kachery).I hope if he did that in the traditional way of rendering but with western instruments like drums and keyboard as accompaniment.(I did not mean jugalbandi).
Nelson Thomas

9:25 PM

Blogger Maithreyi said...

Hi harish! I am a great fan of sharath sir's music.Its beyond words.The technicality amazes me.I've followed u in airtel super singer! keep singing.Do add songs from the movie meghatheertham.There is a song called Bhavayami in the movie composed and sung by sharath himself.Its a 13 minute rendition.Also see songs like Sharadha by Unni sir from the same movie!

10:21 PM

Anonymous Anish K.S said...

Add these two

June R

3:38 PM

Anonymous nishil said...

Please add
1. Meghatheertham (mal)
2. Kalavaramaye Madilo (Telugu)
to Sarath's Discography.

8:23 PM

Anonymous sudha, chennai said...

hai iam sudha chennai.sharath an amazing but an unsung hero.where the world is going ah.useless bathroom musicians are arriving like mushrooms. but a legend like sharath is left unturned.i couldn't bear this. recently he is judging a tamil music reality show named sa re ga pa challenge in zee tamil channel. his speech in tamil is heart throbbing. sarcastic way of speaking, lots of jokes in between to cheer up the contestants, lots of tips helps the participants a lot . he also said he loves tamil so much and he is learning thirukural a great tamil literature. iam delighted when he said that. my only aim in life is to meet him once and speak to him. let god him all health and victory in his life.

10:55 AM

Blogger S.Selvakumar,Pollachi said...

Hi..Im Selvakumar, i too like to hear more songs im a most amazing fan of Mr.A.R.Rahman.But I heard 180 movie songs compossed by Mr.Sharreth wat a miracle and amasing compossing chanceless.. i hope he is the next best music director want to know all over the india and as well as world..

4:01 PM


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