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6 comments | Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Before I start, If you are an Orkut user, do check out the following links:

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Okay, now to the post:

Is it wrong to dislike something or somebody?

I am sure most of you will say that its only natural that someone likes something, while somebody else doesnt. But my recent experiences discussing my dislikes about a person's music has made me think otherwise. I am an ardent music lover and I keep a pretty open mind towards all forms of music. (well almost... except heavy metal & grunge.. i refuse to accept it as music. Very personal feeling. period.)

The person in discussion here is padmabhushan Sri K J Yesudas. I have been listening to his film music & carnatic music ever since i was a small kid. I still remember myself listening to songs like "pranasakhi...", "Thaamasamenthe varuvaan...","Innale mayangumbol..." etc with awe and admiration to the great master. He indeed is a veteran and the man with the golden voice. On the contrary, when I used to hear his carnatic renditions like "Ksheera saagara...","Etha vunara...","Kripaya paalaya..." etc, I could feel that this doesnt have the magnetism that his film numbers have.

Through the years, I slowly learnt the fundamental differences between film music and carnatic music. Film music is about reproducing a tune composed by a music director with ur voice where the imagination of the composer has a little higher weightage than the singer's. On the contrary, carnatic music is firmly based on "manodharma sangeetham" where the singer's imagination has utmost importance. I always felt shri KJY is unmatched in his renditions of those great songs composed by M S Baburaj, Dakshinamoorthy & Raveendran master. But his manodharma and carnatic renditions made me slowly dislike his carnatic style. His over emphasizing pronounication was also not acceptable to me. this was the times when I started getting addicted to Padmashri Madurai T N Seshagopalan's music. He was a master of imaginative and unconventional singing. His manodharmam is unmatched. I knew comparing artistes is incorrect but I couldn help compare these artistes whom I adored so much.

Then came the times that I got hooked on to this form of music called Ghazal, and the legendary musician called Hariharan. His voice, his singing, his improvisations made me idolize him. Hariharan brought in the much needed freshness by improvising the pre-composed film songs also. I wrote all this history to point out why I like Hariharan's ghazals, TNS's carnatic and KJY's malayalam songs.

Now, is it wrong in being vocal about my dislikes about KJY's carnatic music. As a citizen of a country which allows free expression, I have all rights to be vocal about what I felt. Most of the guys who idolize shri KJY come to me and tell me that I am arrogant and I have no respect for the great Artist. Shri KJY is gaana gandharvan, no doubt about that! but his carnatic music leaves far more to b desired and thats my taste. No one can victimize me just for the fact that they love shri KJY. The saddest part is that the opposition comes not due to any musical reason, it just comes out of the hero worshipping mentality of people. Anything said against the music of KJY is most of the times taken as an insult to the artiste! Thats absurd! Its the music that is criticized and not the person

As much as the people have rights to like a person, I have my rights to dislike a person. People have come and told me that "Whatever you say about dasettan (shri KJY) YOU will never become as great as him". Thats when I lose it! Where am I saying I am equal or bigger that KJY? I am only giving my opinion. 9/10 cricket fan these days criticize Sourav Ganguly! Does that mean we all needs to be equal or bigger than him to criticize him? Bull crap! Its just the intellectual slavery of people for an artiste that makes them so intolerant to the criticism! In malayalam they say "kundilirikkum thavalakkunju...." the frog sitting in the well knows only the walls of the well. I feel these blind hero worshippers are no different from that!

I feel this unquestioning attitude and the submissive nature of people to any artiste is going to majorly hinder the growth of music. Till my last breath, I will continue to express my likes and dislikes towards the music rendered by popular artistes irrespective of their experience, acceptance or stature. i am not enslaved to any artiste here, I am a music lover and thats all!
If people think its my arrogance that makes me criticize an artiste, B*lls to all of them, I dont give a fscking damn!
And no one has the prophetic skills to tell me what I am capable of or what I will achieve!

Long live music, Long live constructive critisism and Let the blind hero worship be crucified!


Blogger Darnell Clayton said...

Hey, I read your post inside Orkut. I thought the whole debate as a bit silly, especially the threats of "coummunity harm" via the bogus button.

Anyways, thanks for the laugh. Peace.


Since you don't have backlinks enabled, I want to let you know that I referenced your site on Inside Orkut. Congrats!

10:54 PM

Blogger Krishna said...

Geez .. it was gud fun reading those threads :D ... And yup KJYs carnatic is not for me.

But i still remember i never used to sleep without hearin his "Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara" during my childhood .. :)

11:17 PM

Blogger Kaushik Ramajayam said...

Rightly said. People should be more open to constructive criticism and not resort to flame wars and personal attacks. And personal choice should never be equated with criticism.
Apparently, it's not just the common people who do this - even "respected" critics stoop to such levels. See this critique and its rebuttal.

6:11 AM

Blogger Ganesh said...


I appreciate your honesty.
Yes everyone has right to express his opinion. But those who are critizing others don't lik it,when the same favour is return to them.
Thats the problem. When we start critizing others we are also open to the same.
Just my 2 cents.

Nowadays I listen mostly to young artist like Balaji Shankar and others thats my way of encouraging appreciating new talents, old is great, but we should also make way for the new (they also need to grow).
so when is your new music coming out.
I had done a instumental and urbanish ghana song check it out when you get chance.

7:46 PM

Blogger Jo said...

I understand what you talk about, many others said the same. And even more people and myself think he should stop singing film songs right now considering his age and his voice range these days. He had once said Lataji should stop singing and its time he should consider it for himself now.

Now, coming to the topic, I'm nothing to talk about the Carnatic music and singers, but the semi-classical and classical songs of KJY have helped the novices like me to have an interest in Carnatic music. Perhaps it is because of his voice and soft rendition. Sorry if I am being an ignorant a$$, but I hate those raw renditions of the oldies (Chembai being an exception) which I used to hear in All India Radio. But it is a huge contribution, I think - To popularise Carnatic music, at least in Kerala. (In that case, we cannot forget Ravindran master also).

Still those who bashed you have no right to do so. I think it is the difference between pros and novices. Perhaps when they come to a stage like you are now (I mean, to appreciate Carnatic music in a deeper level) they might agree with you. (I can't say anything in this regard, coz I don't know much about Carnatic music).

You are right about Hariharan's manodharmam. I think most of the music lovers would agree to that.

10:07 PM

Blogger Peasant of Kalahari said...

Harish: Nice post, it is always good to have an opinion about things particularly if it is about something that you love the most. I do listen to Carnatic music a lot nowadays but during my school days I was not that keen and my brother forced me to go and learn mrithangam, During those days the only voice which attracted me towards Carnatic music was KJY's and for many like me it is true. There are not many followers for this form of music, Singers like Yeshudas are the one who actually makes this popular. If any form of art or music cannot attract masses it will die and I is true with Carnatic music as well.
Yeshudas is a very gifted singer and probably in our lifetime we will not see another singer like him who has done well in both the streams. As he himself says classical music is a big ocean and he is just a baby crawling there collecting shells on the seaside.
In your write-up you sounded kind of you wanted to bash those who disagree with you. Peacefully ignore them J
If you ask me I stepped in to the world of Carnatic music listening to Yeshudas (probably this is true for every mallu) Today I listen to Mharajapuram santhanam, Dr. Balamurli Krishna, Unnikrishnan, Shemmangudi, Madurai TNS, Ramavarma etc and I enjoy it , Everyone is different J
But why I am here and listening to all of them, because of just one Guy Padmashree K.J. Yeshudas!!!!

4:05 PM


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