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2 comments | Friday, April 21, 2006

First of all, Thanks a lot Raghu for re-kindling my interest in the music of this band - Shakti. Their music is unmatched by the spontanity, innovation, musical richness and overall impact. I found the following videos of the stage performances of this band on google videos. Do check them out, Can promise you that this is not the regular "fusion" stuff that you hear these days!

Long live innovations in music! Long live fusion! I have said this and will continue to say this again - Pure forms of music are boring, for the sheer reason that its backed and promoted by people who wish to keep it as crude as it used to be 200000 years ago in the name of maintaining tradition, bah! Little do they realize that theres more to the world than what it used to be 20000 years back because they dont wish to open their ears , fearing that they'd lose what their grandfathers gave them.

I might sound opinionated here, but in this birth I can NEVER appreciate the PURIST view points. May be I dont understand it! (but for my own good, I am happy NOT understanding it!)


Blogger Barani said...

Thanks a Million for posting this.. I have always been a great fan of Fusion too.
It was such a great feeling listen to/watch the Masters in action ..

Thanks again,

5:25 PM

Blogger AJB said...

hey harish! cudnt view a single video 'cos of restrictions at wipro, but u have brought back memories of my childhood days, when i used to go to sleep lissening to shakti tracks which my dad had recorded! :)
btw, these are videos of remember shakti arent they? with mandolin shrinivas, AK Palanivel, and co...
the one we heard at ur place was the original band, with L.SHankar, Vikku, Zakir and the viruoso Mclaughlin! :)

have been trying to search for videos in metacafe, not getting them...

9:11 PM


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