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3 comments | Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No words for describing this genius called Jake Shimabukuro.
Picked up the link from Bharat of the Encore band's web journal. Seriously, I have no words!


Blogger Prasanna SV said...

WWOOOOOOWWWWW.. Totally amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Mind blowing... Ulti stuff. I know that I shd be telling this to the artist and the song writter!

8:51 PM

Anonymous Vicky said...

What class and what style...Never seen such a guitaring before! Just awesome!

4:55 PM

Blogger BlueByrd said...

Awesome fingerstyle guitar. Did you know that Slowhand ( Erico boy Clapton)played the guitar slide solos on this beauty !!!

I love this guys cover....talented man indeed !!! thanks for the his video !

5:33 AM


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