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15 comments | Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Harish Sivaramakrishnan moves to TOP 15 in the competition. Thanks for all ur support and wishes! Looking forward to ur continued support, encouragement and prayers for the forthcoming rounds!


Blogger bharat said...

Way to go dood! Where's the promised vdo?

9:42 PM

Blogger Ganesh said...

All the best
If possible post vdo.

1:37 AM

Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

Way to go Harish!
Video? Audio? anything is ok.
Would like to see / hear it please!

Good luck !

4:03 AM

Blogger Krishna said...

u r an inspiration !!!! engalellam marandhurada :) all the best for the comin rounds ..

meanwhile will we EVER get to see/hear u ???

8:02 PM

Blogger Jo said...

That's great news man! All the best! Keep rockin'!!!

1:14 PM

Blogger Hari said...

Harish, Awesome news dude !! All the best for your future rounds !! Keep rocking as usual.


2:58 PM

Blogger Barani said...

Good Luck Harish !!


7:17 PM

Blogger Hemanth Sharma said...

Hi Harish!

Wish you ALL THE VERY BEST from the bottom of my heart. May you WIN brother. :)


6:31 PM

Blogger AJB said...

machchan....gr8 news da!!!
all the best for the coming rounds vodgaeru :)

8:09 PM

Blogger Aravind G said...

Wow...Congratulations and best of luck!!

7:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Harish you are doing great in the competition.

In the "kannum kannum nokia" you were a little bit harsh sounding. Peppy song does not mean you have to be loud/harsh. Just an observation from me.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing your in the future episodes.

1:10 AM

Blogger Arul Prasad said...

why do they have to move u from the first round, to top 60, 30, 15 and on and on ?

why dont they just declare u the winner, and go ahead with ur recording!

12:40 PM

Blogger Ajit said...

hey.. was wondering if it was u on super singer. coz ur face seemed kinda familiar.. congrats and best of luck for the coming rounds!.. though im guessing the shooting's already over?

11:11 AM

Blogger Ganesh said...

Harish heard you have walked out of the competition is this true ?
update please...

7:06 PM

Anonymous Mohib said...

Hi Harish,

I tried looking for your email id but could not find it. I would be really grateful if you could please drop me a line at mohib.ahmad [at] gmail.com

I have something to discuss with you, nothing personal obviously.

Thanks a ton,

3:57 AM


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