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1 comments | Friday, November 24, 2006

and one more on the same lines as what manasi prasad has written, this time by euphonical euphemisms.


Blogger Krishna said...

This was my comment on that blog :

I always thought the pillars of Carnatic Music are its spiritual and intellectual content.

The same "Nidhi Chala Sukhama" can be sung to provide a "Spiritual" experience or the "Intellectual" experience .. ! For example, MSS or KVN 's rendition of the song aims to give a Spiritual experience .. Seshagopalan with his blitzkrieg sangatis and cunning math can provide an the intellectual experience.

But the religious content of our lyrics have remained the same - making it the only remnant of religion in our music.

The aesthetic aspects of carnatic music should not be undermined.

It is not the lyric alone that gives the spiritual color, its the moulations, the inner bhavam, the ambience, the balance in the rendition that gives that effect. Even in a "Sabha" (and not just a temple) it is possible to produce that spiritual effect. MS Subbulakshmi did that !!

Lets get to actual performance, to analyze the amount of religiousness in the carnatic concert format- the alaapana, swara prasthara and neraval have no religious undertones.

I quite dont agree. Maybe my interpretation what "religious" is might be different. The "Bhava" aspect of Carnatic Music is solely for the purpose of producing the "spiritual" effect. Singing a "Raagam" with bhavam is meant to produce the religious effect unlike singing the same "Raagam" with all the improvistations whose idea is to produce the "intellectual" effect and amazement !

MLV was a great exponent on improvising on a subset of notes, and narrowing down the subset and finally homing on a note (This is normally called "Swara Moorchanai") .. the whole idea of this is to produce the "spiritual" effect .. I have heard that MLV used to get lost during her aalapanais ..

And "Neraval", boy neraval is all about "Bhavam".. its all about expressing the spiritual (or religious content) of a line in various ways .. Musiri used to revel in singing "Thiruvadi Charanam" and particularly the Nerval at the line "Aduthu Vandhu Ennai Thallalagado ..." Boy
hasnt it got "spritual" undertones .. ?? Why is that other artists couldnt make the same impact as Musiri .. its just because of his "bhavam" and modulations and ideas.. so even these aspects go into making the rendition religious ..

So Can one regard Carnatic music as religious music?

Yes why not interpret it that way.. thats the beauty of it ! Among all the amazement and intellectual experience i can provide .. it can also make the mind susceptible to divine influences

4:01 PM


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