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4 comments | Friday, November 17, 2006

Picked this paragraph from pannpriyan.blogspot.com, a review on my performance at Airtel super singer finals

... Harish came next. He started off well with Uyire Uyire. Again his singing style of adding electric improvisations at end of each line does not suit this song very well. Also he breaks lines (pauses added) at different points and this affects the flow of the song. After he adds the improvisations at the end he looks at the judges and audience -- as if asking for their feedback or approval. This style of singing might be influenced by his interest in ghazals. But it is not enjoyable at all for songs we are already familiar with in a different formal or flow.Shreenivas commented that Harish kind of sang the song in a happy tone. This again I think comes from this ghazal like singing (where even saddest of lines in the ghazal are sung with a smile and with pauses and improvisations!)

I take the critisicm about me not singing well by its stride, but my feeling are with this man who feels improvisations affect the flow of the song. Also he makes an outrageous remark that the saddes ghazal is sang with a smile on the face. I have no words for him. I only pray thatGod blesses him, along with all other folks in the world who cannot appreciate ghazals - The toughest and most sublime manifestation of music - and give them the ear for good music rather than for the stupid mimicry of imitating the original artiste or your guru or any other artiste in the world.

I am going to make an outrageous comment in response to the comment written about ghazals

Life of a person who cannot appreciate ghazals is completely wasted. I categorize them as losers of the first order.

Long live creative musicians , let imitation and the traditional view that promotes imitation die its natural death and let the artistes imagination soar the heights of heavens.

In short - Long live ghazals & the likes of ghazals & ghazal artistes!


Blogger Sree said...

agree wt everythin u hv said here, but for the usage of 'traditional view'!! a bunch of purists denying the dynamic history of art dont qualify as the torchbearers of 'tradition'!!

9:08 AM

Blogger SimblyDimply said...

Refinement is rare..so is appreciation of all things refined and subtle. Improvisation is our music's forte (be it classical music or ghazal. Nobody should have a problem with it..and the thought that sad ghazals are sung with a smile is retarded.

If this nacheez can tell you something: your best critic is also your worst- and that is your discretion. Whatever the world thinks is just another whim..

Well, aap to muquaddar pe jaa beThe ho, hum aap ko kya sala de..yehi hai dua ki har makaam pe hosla buland ho! irshaad!hehe!

10:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Harish,

I've listened to you sing and remember being fascinated. Hope you go on to bigger things. I think this person was trying to make an honest statement -- leaving aside his thoughts about ghazals -- about what he felt while listening to you. I think you should -- take it or leave it -- look at it as merely an opinion. Your response seems rather strong and personal.

10:00 PM

Blogger Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...

Dear Anonymous:

I would have appreciated a constructive feedback on my singing, if that was the intention. This post was written just to prove a point that a song has to be mimiced as it is to make it sound good and thats what made me write this post.


11:44 AM


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