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5 comments | Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sri sent me this link(go to page 18) from a music monthly that gets published from bangalore where young musician manasi prasad talks about introducing new subject themes in carnatic music. I had written about something in the same lines back in 2005 in my blog post Lyrics or Music?. It is extremely heartening to see the newer generation speaking up against the irrational norms based on religion imposed on carnatic music where every experiment is looked upon and quantized against what the trinity did!

A great sign indeed. Me is very happy!


Blogger SimblyDimply said...

I read the article by Manasi Prasad, finally some fresh thoughts! Carnatic music will only benefit by liberating itself at some fronts.. ie. over-obsession with Bhakti, undue rythmic accents and unnecessary need for elitism! Thanks for stopping by my blog..Would love to hear your music sometime!

6:01 AM

Blogger Krishna said...

If we take a look at very old Tamil Movies, movies for which Papanasam Sivan composed, there were "carnatic"ish songs on lots of other themes .. One example would be "Manmadha Leelaiyai ..." in pure charukesi .. !! Madurai Mani Iyer used to have "Freedom Struggle" as his theme for some of his Pallav is ..

The problem is with the lack of "quality" in compositions on other themes. I think todays generation is much more open, but the problem is we dont have good compositions to sing ..
Most of the compositions that are present are rarely "classical" when compared to what the trinity gave us ..

Even with sticking to "Religion" as the theme, 80% of the songs that are "mained" for a concert are from the "Trinity" ! They have set pretty high standards to match ..

But, Even today the singers sing pallavis on lots of things other than "on gods" .. they dont sing keerthanais simple because there arent any of good quality !

Hindustani music is much more "open" from the beginning. They dont have emphasis on "compositions" as much as we have, usually they take a two/four line poem and improvise on that. Probably thats why the themes are much varied there !!

4:52 PM

Anonymous Archit said...

I read the artice. I have one basic point. If Carnatic music is more daathu pradhana than maatu pradhana, why not have the maatu on gods itself? Anyway it is not maathu pradhana! Introducing newer themes will probably not change the daathu pradhana aspect of Carnatic music. If it does change that aspect, the it will also probably mean that such music will cease to be Carnatic right? So, how after all can we try to bring more themes within the carnatic arena? There are many.....but all of them will be an invariably unabridged imitation of the other genres (western classical, hindustani etc ...).

Carnatic music's most characteristic/salient feature is the strong association of compositions with god. I dont want to sound very conservative but this is my conviction. Although we say ours is a daathu pradhana sangeeta, we must be reminded that the so called religious themed compositions we put into a particular daathu only keeping the maathu in mind. So even as we sing and grow with experience, we will start realising that inseparable bond between maathu and daathu. It is like the body (daathu) and the soul (maathu). Only a perfect mix of both creates musical life. So we should adhere to both the maathu and daathu alike.

The Compositions of Purandara, Annamaya, The Trinity, Swati tirunal etc have stood the test of time with grace... That of the Balamuralis and Lalgudis will also face that test... The rule is no different for any attempts into the other themes as well... :)

4:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe it is lyrics and not music.. the music is the means of delivering the lyrics and not an end in itself. Try humming a tune that has no words and listen to the words set to that music .. that is divine ! anyday


12:48 AM

Blogger Ramesh V said...

wow thats really nice posttelugu songs

11:48 AM


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