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5 comments | Friday, January 19, 2007

If you ever wanted to be part of the company that made Acrobat, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Flex , Coldfusion... Here is your chance! Adobe india is hiring Engineers (Dev / QE) , Engineering managers (Dev / QE) & Program managers at all levels.

If you feel Adobe is your next destination, Rush your resume's to harishsivaram [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in.



Blogger Ramya harish said...

Nice post!! am a rasika/student of music too.. I totally agree wit ur opinion..your friend s wrong.. Ur knowledge gets sharpened when u observe and criticise more.. In addition to wat u said, i would like to add, self criticism is vry vry important.. as it helps an artist to improve himself.. never have an ' am perfect' attitude.. there is always scope to improve in whatever we sing.. thats my policy..

yeah.. I get irritated with sum old singers.. they stress so much on the sangathis that bhavam s totally lost.. vaayla naraya vethallaya potundu.. zho zha zho zha nu.. i hate tat kind.. I like TMK vry myuch.. he knows whr to stress n whr not to..

10:45 AM

Blogger www.chennaipc.com said...

this Job vacancy details is reallly help ful for most of the job seekers in india ,

kindly visit the website called www.manyforyou.com ,, this site see the section called as the jobs and placement consultants ,

2:48 PM

Blogger Kavitha said...

Hey Harish!

Do management graduates required for Adobe for the positions u mentioned? let me know asap. Kavitha

7:24 PM

Blogger Ramesh V said...

thanks for posting this imformation....good worktelugu songs

11:44 AM

Blogger Vidya Sagar Challa said...

With out adobe all these image morphing would be impossible Fusion Music

1:46 AM


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