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4 comments | Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gokul at work! I took these snaps on my Nokia 6600 during the recording of our song Hope - in support of CAN Conquer CANcer initiative.
Location - Music Mint Studios, Bangalore, 3:00AM IST, 10.01.2006


CAN Conquer CANcer initiative

Cancer - the word brings with it a hue of emotions and a palette of memories.... small children, smart young men and women, elderly people - cancer has spared none.

Cancer, as we all know is a deadly disease, but thanks to the massive developments in the field of medicine - most forms of cancer are now curable. So, all that is needed is HOPE and a strong will to challenge the disease.

We happened to see this wonderful initiative aimed at building that essential weapon - the "confidence" to conquer cancer. So, we - a small group of music enthusiasts - decided to try and focus our interest in music to this great cause - and this was how this song was born.

While coming up with the lyrics for our song, we happened to chance upon a great website- which had poems written by cancer patients themselves. Reading those poems, we were highly moved and realised that the actual emotion could be best conveyed only by someone who had been through it.

We were especially touched by this one poem written on a child who is braving cancer. The gravity of hope that this poem exudes was something we thought we should use for our venture.

To that, we added our Hindi lyrics which complements the underlying theme of "hope" and set it to our tune.

We sincerely hope our song reaches out to all those unfortunate victims of cancer and their families and friends and helps them battle against the disease until victory.

F6 presents "Hope" - in support of CAN Conquer CANcer.


Composed & Arranged by : F6
Vocals : Shyam/Harish
Guitar : Vignesh
Keyboard : Ganesh
Recording, mixing & mastering : Gokul, Music Mint Studios, Bangalore
Lyrics : Nasra Al Adawi / Harish


I’m a child who wanted to play
I was ill and pain didn’t go away

Some how I could not cope
Still I could not give up on this hope

With pain I could not stop my cry
To be brave I had to try

To feel well is taking so long
Trying to live, I had to be strong

Its nature's law -

When life sinks, hope floats....

Tumhein hi pukaare hain yeh saara sama
Tumhein hi bulaaye hain yeh mehakti hawa
Asha ke diye jalaake, tum ko pukaare
khwabon ko dil mein jagaake, tum ko pukaare - yeh jahaan


Oh child! The beautiful nature is calling you!
The sweet smelling gentle breeze is calling you!
Lighting the lamp of hope, kindling the dreams of life, the whole universe is calling you!

Meaning of words:

Sama: Nature, Environment
Mehakti Hawa : Sweet smelling breeze
Asha ke diye: Lamp of hope
Khwab: Dream

Jhoomein yeh zameen aasmaan ,Jhoomein chaandni yeh ghata
ummeed se tum ab raahi chalo, taqdeer ka rukh mod do
Kaanton bhari is raah mein, Asha ke phool tum bichhaake chalo
When life sinks, Hope floats...


Earth and sky is dancing in joy, the moonlight and the clouds are swaying in happiness
Oh child! Move on with the power hope, change your destiny with hope
Change the road of thorns to a bed of flowers

Meaning of words:

Jhoomein: Swaying, Swinging
Zameen: Earth
Aasmaan: Sky
Chaandni: Moonlight
Ghata: Clouds
Taqdeer: Destiny
Kaanta: Thorn

Note : Part of the english lyrics is taken from cancernet.co.uk and is copyrighted to cancernet.uk

9 comments | Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy new year all of you! For an auspicious start of the year, I am uploading an invokation of lord Krishna. This is part of one of my earlier carnatic music concerts in Kerala. This is a humble tribute to Padmashri T N Seshagopalan the musical virtuoso as I picked up this from one of his early recordings of the devarunama "Narajanma bandaage". Also this is the first blog where I am previewing audio hosting using castpost. This is a concert recording where I did a few tweaks using the cool edit pro (The quality isnt great :( ) I am trying to convert few of my carnatic concert recordings and put them up here! watch this space!

Have a good day and a great year ahead all of you!