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5 comments | Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I still dont hate u guys, but......

With corrections as pointed out by Ms Chinmayi

umar bhar pachtaaoge tum mujh ko thukraane ke baad
Kis pe todoge sitam, tum mere mit jaane ke baad

Aah yeh sadma mera hi dil tha jo mein seh gaya
kya karoge dil pe utri aap ke jaane ke baad
kis pe todoge sitam tum mere mit jaane ke baad

kaam kar jaati hai dam ishq ki nakaamiyaan
khud sambhal jaata hai insaan thokre khaane ke baad
kis pe todoge sitam tum mere mit jaane ke baad

tumne to ahde wafaa toda magar saahir tera
ho nahin sakta kisi ka tera ho jaane ke baad
kis pe todoge sitam tum mere mit jaane ke baad....

0 comments | Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"Log kehte hai ajnabee tum ho... Ajnabi, meri zindgi tum ho.
Dil kisi aur ka na ho paya.. aarzoo meri aaj bhi tum ho.
Mujh ko apna shareeq-e-gham karlo, yun akele bahut dukhi tum ho."


"yeh raat , yeh taare, yeh chaand
aur yeh chaandni usee ke hote hai,
jo kisi ke hote hue bhi, kisi ke nahin

Today was a mixed day... I dont know, my mind went thru a lot of turmoil today, its been like a stormy night, with shades of beautiful lightning sparks and also scary thunder sounds. I am still not able to figure out the cause of my current state of mind. I remember the innumerable discussions with my mom over the lunch and dinner table as to how change is inevitable and change is the only constant thing... Also the stubborn statements that every change happens for good!!

I am running my last 20 days in my current work place... Everybody tells me... "Come on man! Everyone shift jobs... thats the order of the day.. wats the big deal about it??" But, somehow, I cannot think in that lines... coz my current job is not "Just another job" for me! definitely not! Your first job is always close to your heart.. that way, this job is the closest to my heart and whatever little i did as part of my official life at my current workplace is one of the best of times I have had in my life. I just love every single thing about this place... the building, the desk... the lunch table...

If all this is true.. why do I want to lose all these? Coz this world always works with this vague formula that Its always something at the expense of something... So,Starting this June, I will have a new workplace, new desk, new collegues... (Sony & Soumya... Will miss you guys loads and loads, and I duno if I would ever find such great company in any other place... )

The show has to go on.... May be I will call u guys up and say "Kalimbadiloolaaaaaa!!!!!" and a few more vague statements... May be I will just walk in some odd day lunch time and talk continuos nonsense as i always did... May be u guys will finally get bored with me... May be you guys will stop missing me.... :D:D

Whetever that is... Still the show has to go on... I have to go on too....
"Dil chahta hai, Kabhie na beetein chamkeele din
"Dil chahta hai, Hum na rahein kabhee yaaron ke bin....."

Okay, the post might look as discontinuous as it can get, but its a direct reflection of my state of mind at 7:25PM IST on 10th May 2005




The ULTIMATE personality test
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Cant read much? Click here to see the enlarged image! the interface goes for a six if I post the original size image, so I had to scale it down!!


Your Seduction Style: The Natural

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Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.
You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!
People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.


I am taking a lot of quizzes today... trust me its lots of fun!!! heres result to another quiz that i took!

What gender is my brain?

Your Brain is 40.00% Female, 60.00% Male

You have a total boy brain

Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts

And while your emotions do sway you sometimes...

You never like to get feelings too involved


The Elemental
The Elemental. Neither Human nor Animal, you are
primal and instinctive. You are at home
outdoors in the wilds, getting moody when
forced into places you don't like. But when you
are truely free, your dance and song is

What is the Dominant Inner being within You?
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0 comments | Thursday, May 05, 2005

Aks chehre pe Aaftaab ka hai
kis ilaake mein ghar janaab ka hai

Jis zamaane mein main hua paagal
woh zamaana tere shabaab ka hai

Tune accha kiya ke dil toda
ye zamaana bhi inquilaab ka hai.....

Such an amazing melody by hariharan... still lingers in my mind... Lemme play it again!!! Never heard the song? Click here to listen to it!


Duuur..... Duuuuuuuurrrrrrr.... I guess it was some 4 years back that I first heard this song. What an amazing track! I said to myself. I knew that vocals were very ordinary of less than ordinary,but still the orchestration , especially the guitar leads were just awesome. Few days later, I heard Anjaaane kyun.... wow! kool song again... okey this is a much simpler song as far as vocals are concerned... but the guitars are tooo tooo amazing... I just wished I could see the guys behind these songs...

I dint have to wait for long... MTV aired the anjaane video.. So, This is strings, a 2 member band from Pakistan. Okay there is Faisal Kapadia who sings and then there is Bilal Maqsood who can sing as well as play the guitar... Oh yes, he can play the guitar... I saw him play the anjaane lead on TV... The U2 styled riffs and signature leads... whattan amazing musician!I said to myself. I started idolizing Bilal and considered him one of the best guitarists from the Asia.

Ever heard of Shallum Asher Xavier? Well, Now you would have ,but definitelty not in 1999... Okay Shallum is currently the lead guitarist of the phenomenal pakistani band fuzon. Before that he was a session musician in Pakistan who played for recordings.. When the fuzon album came out and lissening to the guitar riffs and leads of fuzon songs, i was baffled... Bilal plays for Fuzon too? But fuzon insists its Shallum... Whats this new twist?? Finally, Finally.... Fuzon was selected as the artist of the month by MTV ASIA. The interviewer also had the same question to ask! Why do the guitar leads sound like that of Strings? I still remember Shallum's answer. "Our guitar leads sound like duur or anjaane 'coz it was also played by me!!!" Godddd! Shallum played for Strings... So wtf was Bilal doing?? Mono act? Mimicry? Mime?? Whatta shame!!!

I happend to attend the strings "LIVE" concert at IIM bangalore during Unmaad - The IIM Fest. That was the shittiest concert that I have ever seen in my life... Faisal cant sing one note correctly... Bilal cant even play one chord (lets sat C - Major) correctly and the supporting guitarist was am a**hole of the highest order. And know what? the entire show was sequenced and played out of the KORG Triton + MC58 kept hidden on stage and our lead performers were Miming away to glory - except for Bilal and Faisal... their far from melodious voices were truly adding to the cacophonic environment filled with "Music enthusiasts" who dint even have time to see if the electric guitar was plugged in to the jack!!!

The best part is that Strings was paid close to Rs 1,00,000 for "playing" in bangalore, where actually they did nothing more than playing their audio CD and mime on top of that! For that crap attitude that they threw, they should have been booed out of the country that evening! I agree that Strings songs are Okay to lissen to in an audio cassette or CD where what you spend is only Rs 100 for unlimited lissening... paying Rs 500 to watch the Bilal-Faisal Mime show is a bit too expensive an affair, I would prefer a pitcher of beer and a movie in PVR as a much better option.

Check out this link featuring an interview with Shallum Asher Xavier of Fuzon where he talks about Bilal and his extremely praiseworthy guitaring and even more notable crediting qualities.
On an audio cassette worth 50 bucks, Strings is just fine... when it comes to live shows where the stakes are high, they are a collossal disaster!!

2 comments | Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Folks! this is my first blog. I made a desicion today (Really?) I dont know actually!! because I could never understand what a decision actually means.... so I decided I will write about desicion making... (It gives me kind of a cheap thrill that I am writing about something which I have absolutely no idea about!!!)

Experts say, Its a great personality trait if you have good decision making skills. I always ask to myself... Whats a good decision making skill? How can you categorize a decision as good or bad or hopeless? Its just a game of probablility... u make a decision, It works for you, It works for those around you, you have made a good decision. If you make a few more of that kind, you are a good decision maker. otherwise u are bad and if it ruins it all, u are hopeless. Hey, the decision dint ruin it... it just got ruined... and thats about it!!

So unfair! Something working or not-working is so much based on chance (atleast I like to blive so!) still people rate u as a good /bad/ hopeless decision maker. Evaluating pros and cons come next. pros? cons? I fail to understand pros and cons... They are just reflections (decipherable reflections) of varying thought streams.. So I get the most upset when somebody asks me "have u evaluated the pros and cons before making this decision?" - I always answer "I dont Know, I am not intending to either!"

Being impulsive helps! Atleast its helping me!! I have tried both the sides of it... evaluating if I want to eat in Nandhini's today... After evaluating the so called pros and cons (I dint understand them then too.... neverthless, my roommate helped me identify(??) a couple) and made a DECISION! Yes! I shall eat in Nandhinis today! I drive to Domlur , reach Nandhinis, and the waiter says... "Sarry Saaar... Kitchen Closed!".. Wtf did i think so much? wtf did I think so much about it? Okay... u mite argue a dinner plan is such a petty issue... but what about other Important decisions?? I still remember the balded old gentleman from HCL tech during my campus interviews who asked me what I wanted to do in the next 5 years... I dint have an answer ... simply coz i dint know!!! I dont know it even now! If I did, I'd be Nostradamus. I wish I could tell him "Why dont you ask me after 5 years...??" Had he asked what do I dream of becoming in the next 5 years, I would have had 1,00,000 answers, coz dreams are beautiful, amAZing, reassuring and motivating!

The question "What do you WANT TO DO" itself pisses me off as it expects me to have a plan. The idea of PLAN is the most faltered idea in the whole of universe. The goverment plans, defence plans... every other entity plans....(WHY????) still the world will just work the way it wants!! If the world works similar to ur plan (CHANCE again!!!) U say ur plan succeeded... to hell man! theres no such thing called plan! things just happen and u think it happend your way or otherwise. Even if you hadnt planned, it would have worked the same way!

Just do things as they occur to you! I love to live a free life, a life that doesnt expect me to think, watch every step I make, evaluate possibilities, plan for prospective risks.... I hate to plan, coz i am convinced that plans NEVER work! Just live the current moment, enjoy it...

Guess thats it for the day, me going home now! and yes I dont have any plans for tonite as I never had any! good nite!

2 comments | Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Was listening to this track from the soft porn flick Zeher (Udita goswami's skin and cleavage show ,the moans and grunts forces me to call the movie that!) - woh bheegi bheegi yaadein... I am actually averse to the typical hindi movie songs.... (the tabla-string-dholak routines) but this one was good rite from the first lissening (Okay, my room mate hates it!!!) . I rushed to google to find out the MD for the song! Roopkumar Rathod?? Whats wrong with the world??? No Way No Way... I said to myself... He CANNOT make such a nice track for sure!! (Okay, I am judgemental when it comes to HINDI MDs..) I cross checked with few more sites... all of em say its RR... and a singer called Atif. Atif? Debutanate? where did he come from now??? dont know!!! Okay, I went around recommending to all my frens about this "great" track from zeher.

One night, I was just surfing channels and there the song is "woh bheegi bheegi yaadein...." The video dint have Udita goswami (I was disappointed...) nor did the eternal put off emran hashmi... Instead, It had a guitarist, a bassist and a Singer.... I waited for the credits... Oh yeah, Its a band called Jal! Where are they from? - Pakistan! Now... I had to search for Jal... ended up in http://www.jaltheband.com. The band dosent have a singer called Atif!!! Hey wait! the band HAD a singer called Atif! Its just that they broke up! Now that they are broke up, Atif has to do the damage. Which better place than the hindi music industry can he find an opportunity for that 'noble act?' Okay, Mahesh bhatt steps in, Lissens to "woh lamhey..." and says... "Badhiya hai... apne picture mein daal deinge... waise bhi woh Saala RR bhi kya music banaayega... bakra banaadenge saale ko..."

Atleast Mr bhatt could have given credit to Jal for using their tune! Why? Bollywood doesnt understand the word credit!! The movie itself is a screen by screen copy of a hollywood flick, and we are not crediting that, where do we have the time to credit the musician (woh bhi, saala pakistani!! Enemy that they are!!) Sadly, Its only the pakistani bands are making original music today ( I am talking about the lissenable variety). We dont care, we can neways copy it... thats easier too... and we have the expertise too... Anu malik, nadeem shravan... we have the world leaders! Hey... but we in India are making music too... okay a bit of music and alot of music videos! lesser the cloths and fainter the voice, better is the market value... Lets keep making remixes and noisy bhangra tracks.... we have the visuals neways na... for a change , if we want to lissen to a good track, we have our pakistani enemies producing it neways!!!

Long live HINDI Music ! God save my Ears!