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4 comments | Thursday, August 24, 2006

Found this 2.35 min video clip on youtube, posted by shail84, in which he is accompanying ghazal legend Hariharan Ji on tabla. He has done a good job at that! Very short clip, but I havent heard this ghazal before. If any one has any further info about this ghazal, please drop me a word at harishsivaram@yahoo.co.in. As far as how it sounds - Hariharan Ji! Need I say more?


10 comments | Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This is a live mobile phone recording of my rendition of uyire during the airtel super singer finals. Thanks to Aishwarya & Prashanth for getting this recorded. Recording is not of great quality though. enjoy!!

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1 comments | Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wow! This is a wonderful song. Bheegi bheegi from Gangster! Ofcourse its a copy of prithibi by Bangali rock legend Mohiner Ghoraguly. But given the fact that Pritam has acknowledged that he reworked on the original, I think it could be forgiven. whats sets this song apart from the original is some amazing vocals by the bangladeshi rocker James and a spellbinding distortion guitar lead with a charecteristic indian flavour to it. Enjoy!

14 comments | Monday, August 07, 2006

Dear All,

Airtel Super Singer is now over and Nikhil Mathews was crowned the winner ! Before I start this post, I would like to congratulate Nikhil on this fabulous achievement. Nikhil is a fantastic musician, a fabulous vocalist and above all an extremely good human being. Here is wishing him a lot of success and luck for his singing career.

It was one hell of a good experience participating in Airtel Super Singer competition on vijay TV. It was some great exposure, a wonderful opportunity to meet the stalwarts of tamil music industry and also the company of a lot of phenomenally talented musicians. I never thought I would even reach up to the semifinals of this contest, when I decided to back out of the show at Top 15 stage. There are a lot of people I MUST thank for whatever little I could do to reach till the top 5 in this competition. There are innumerable people who supported me through their votes, emails and sms's, so many of them who sincerely backed me with their encouragement and prayers, I cant thank enough for all that they have done for me.

Among those many people, the following people I feel deserve a special word of thanks (whatever spoken about them, I know is not enough compared to the support they extended to me all throughout the show!)

Smt Anuradha Sriram:
For giving me a second chance to come in as a wild card entry to this competition. Without that, I couldnt have sung in the semifinals.( I happened to read this article about me getting a 'backdoor' (bah!) entry to this competiton and also me throwing an ugly surprice by winning the semis. All I can say is that perceptions vary and it was the judge, who is a renowned name in tamil music industry who gave me a come back chance and I cant quite think how it can be called a backdoor entry for christ sake! Again, I NEVER got rejected in this competition until the finals, I voluntarily backed out of the contest due to professional reasons. As to me throwing ugly surprice by winning, - some one's loss is some one else's success. Thats all i can say. I do feel i deserved to win the wildcard semi's, also I strongly believe Nikhil deserved the finals title.)

Ram, Lauren & Flex Team management @ Adobe
My managers Ram & Lauren lent me their whole hearted support for my participation in Airtel Super Singer. They were kind enough to grant me leave for the shooting and they even went ahead and campaigned votes for me! Thanks Ram & Lauren! Couldnt have gone this far without your support and help!

What can I possibly say? I am seriously out of words for explaining the encouragement and support swamy has given me through this competition. Despite his hectic schedule at work and other family commitments, Swamy worked day and night to get votes for me after the wild card semi finals. He probably spent more sleepless nights than I did till the semi results were announced. Swamy, You are just amazing, and you are such a wonderful friend. I consider meeting you one of the most significant event in my musical journey. Thanks for everything.

I have never met poornima in person! for that matter, we havent even spoken! But the amount of effort that she put in to get me votes ater the wild card semi's is spectacular. Thanks a lot poornima. I am humbled by the amount of dedication that you put in to help me achieve my dreams! YOU ROCK!

Shyam, GNR, Vicky, Subra, Pmac,Paddu, Harikiran
Guys, I just cant write formal words of thanks for you folks! You guys are my biggest driving force, my biggest motivation and the very reason which keeps the musician in me alive. I failed to live up to your expectations in the finals, but your support has been the inevitable forward thrust for me in this contest.

She stayed with me through the thick and thin as she always have, helped me get over the unhappiness that I went through when I had to back out of the show, She stood by me when I dropped out and re-entered the show. She instigated the confidence back in me that I can prove myself to be good in this competition. Love you da!

My Onsite campaign manager! This guy worked harder than his 4 years of engineering studies to campaign votes for me. His unmatchable people skills was one of the most important things that helped me win the wild card semi's and get a berth in the finals. Prashanth, you cracked it brother! Thanks for everything! Not to forget the innumerable bike pickup and drops that he gave me in chennai!

Smt Padmasani
Smt Padmasani pointed out the mistakes in my rendition and voice at a very early stage of the competition. With her thorough expertise in voice training and music, she gave me some valuable tips and advices to improve my singing. I do not know how much of those tips I could imbibe into my singing, but I feel it was extremely magnanimous on her side for giving those timely guidance. Thanks a lot, madam!

Whole of Praveen's family!
I never felt I was away from home everty time i went to chennai for the shooting! Thanks a ton to praveen's family for making me at home and considering me like one of their family member throughout the time that i was in chennai. Thank you mama, mami, padma aunty, uncle,aishu, prashanth, malli, patti!

Finally, Amma, Appa & my family
Thank you amma, appa, manni, thatha, ammamma, gopu mama & mami! You are wonderful! You rock my world! Thanks a ton amma and appa for coming to cheer me for the results function. Every time you come to watch me I feel like a complete winner irrespective of the result of the competition.

Jo & Narayanan Sir
They are arguably two of the most popular audio / music bloggers in the blogsphere. They were kind enough to put up posts on their blogs supporting me. Thanks Jo and Narayanan sir, Please accept my heartfelt gratitude. Your blog posts played a very important role in getting me more votes after the wildcard semi's.

There are so many more people whom I dont even know who supported me throughout this competition, my heartfelt gratitude is due to each and every one of them!

Thanks one & all