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8 comments | Monday, December 26, 2005

Small attempt at retrospecting 2005, Only important events:

  • New years at home. (after a long time)
  • Move to Keerthy Regency (Living in a big apartment dream come true)
  • Booking 103, My Pride - Riviera (My own home sweet home)
  • First ever major Bank Loan
  • Biking to electronics City
  • Started Blogging (may)
  • IIM-B shows (one success, one flop)
  • Quit Ascendum (hard decision, had to move on!)
  • Macromedia Job (wonderful event!)
  • IBM Thinkpad T42
  • Asha in Bangalore (Lifes never been so good!)
  • Macromedia Party (Wild)
  • Zen Neeon
  • Maami (Tsunami :D) fiasco, the devotional project that was never to happen
  • Ammu with Swamy
  • Trip with Asha
  • Above & Beyond award
  • Concert at Malliyoor
  • Guruvayoor Ekadasi
  • Asha at Home
  • Aarariro with Swamy
  • Adobe Merger (The name "Macromedia" ceases to exist)
  • PVR gold class movie (The stupid neal n nikki)
  • Asha back to hyd (miss u da!)
  • Jo and the musicians of blogsphere


Moving on to 2006 with a lot of hope, prayer and dreams. Hoping that 2006 be a much more rewarding, peaceful and successful year not only for me, but also for each one of you, india and the whole world. This is my last post for the year 2005. See you all in 2006. Belated christmas wishes and a happy new year in advance for all of you!


13 comments | Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A small remix twist to the ARR melody Nilaakaigirathu from the movie Indira. Done at home as an experiment.


Vocals: Ramya
Keys, Percussions: Ganesh Ram


This is one of the first tracks that f6 recorded. This was done as an acoustic number with minimal orchestration, except for the looping piano riffs. Full credit to Ramya for having done great justice to this otherwise simple compositions. It was an out an out home recording with a Korg O1w (not a big fan of O1w, bit it works!) with a low end soundcard. Presenting to you "alla tero naam" by Ramya. Arranged by F6.


Vocals: Ramya
Backing Vocals: Harish
Keyboards : Ganesh Ram

23 comments | Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This is a live recording of the song Hai Rama from Rangeela that I performed with Ramya for my college's alumni meet - BITSConnexion 2003. It is an audio rip from the DVD and the quality is not great! Posting it here neverthless. Do tell me what you guys think!


Vocals: Harish / Ramya
Keyboards: Shyam Unnikrishnan / Dinakar Gade
Flute: T S Kamaldeep
Drums & Percussions: Ganesh Ram
Bass Guitar: Aditya Kasyap
Tabla : Vishal Subramaniam


Yesterday was a good day, I found so many talented musicians in the blogsphere! These folks stand out for their talent and passion for music and poetry! Do check out these links.

  • Joseph Thomas: Has a huge collection of songs rendered by him in this site. He has a lovely voice and has come up with some spectacular original compositions too!
  • Ajay Chandran: Beautiful hindi and malayalam poetry! One of his poems inspires f6 to compose a song out of it, Work has already started on this!
Have a great day all of you!
Thanks, Vodka

1 comments | Monday, December 19, 2005

The problem with audio clip hosting is now fixed and all the audios can now be streamed from this website!


Hi all,

The audio hosting on the site is broken as my hosting service complains of exceeding the allowed bandwith usage per month (thanks a lot guys for hitting this space often!) I am working on a parallel hosting and will have the clips up and running real soon! Sorry about the inconvinience!


3 comments | Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I finally have a domain name for myself!! I have formally registered insaneinstincts.com , which currently points to the blog site. More stuff will be added as I build a website under this domain name. Well, thats gonna take time, but for the time being you can visit insaneinsticts.com (It will bring you back here though!)

1 comments | Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I feel the new look was due for a long time now. I was planning to make a new template all on my own but I saw this kickass blogger template in Krish's blog. Followed the link, and reached beccary.com. Impressive I must say! I picked up this template right from there! Looks cool, doesnt it?.

Also, I got my official offer letter from Adobe systems yesterday, So I am an employee of Adobe systems, starting 03rd December 2005.

Have a nice evening all of you!

0 comments | Monday, December 05, 2005

That is the wall of the front lobby of 3rd floor, Salarpuria Infinity, Bangalore. Thats the Macromedia India office in Bangalore. Why am I putting up this picture here? Well, 12/03 was officially the last day of Macromedia (Only the name) the company that revolutionized the web with innumerable tools like Flash, Director, Dreamweaver and the ubiquitous flash player and the swf format

Adobe had announced a definitive agreement to acquire Macromedia in Apr 2005, It has finally come by. 12/05 is officially the Day One for Adobe - Bangalore. Now, What difference does this make to my life? Well way too many to list, I must say! Let me give you a brief overview what macromedia and its technologies mean to me. I started my first ever qualified software project in early 1999, a simple website development assignment with some jazzy animations.

Thats when I first saw this uncomparable tool called Flash 4.0 , which does spellbinding animations for the web. It took a few months for me to master flash 4.0. Then came flash 5 the master blaster animation tool and some kickass programming capabilities. couple of years rolled, and my love for this tool kept growing. Then came flash MX, Whoa what a leap. With actionscript much stronger than before and OO programming capabilities. I started taking flash scripting much more seriously than before. 2003, I land my first job as an actionscript developer. I couldnt ask for a better job profile, I must say! Then there came the Flash 7.2, with the show stealer ActionScript 2.0.. AS2.0 meant more kickass applications and better, richer internet. Only Macromedia could do wonders of this kind. 2005 May 24th.. It felt like world just came to a halt! I landed a job with Macromedia. (Dream come true is an understatement, I am not saying it....)

Okay, I knew the acquisition was announced, but dint matter much to me, being a macromedian mattered a lot at that time. But today, I am forced to retrospect.. Its going to be Adobe going forward.. Its going to be Adobe Flash, Adobe Exchange (if Adobe keeps the product names as is...) Is it just about losing the name? yeah it is, but a name that i hold close to my heart, a name that always inspired me to do better, a name that made me proud when it featured in my email address.... Its a very sentimental moment for me... indeed! But as they say, change is the only constant thing and the show has to go on, So Here I am, moving on, carrying the rich and colorful memories and experience that I gathered from macromedia to Adobe - a much stronger one with 1000+ macromedians joining it.

The name will cease to exist, but macromedia will continue to be a legend that entralled thousands of internet users for the past many years. Long Live Macromedia!

25 comments | Friday, December 02, 2005

Here comes the preview of the premaster version of Aarariro.... - Our newest track.


Swaminathan - Concept, Music & Lyrics
Harish - Music, Vocals & Violin and String Arrangement
Ganesh Ram - Keyboards, Percussions, Programming
Padmaja Swetha - Vocals

Gokul Abhishek - Recording, Mixing & Mastering (Music Mint Studios - Bangalore)


After that long break, f6 is back with a new production. This time aroud it is a collaboration with Sri. Swaminathan - a great musician, poet and a fine friend. I have uploaded a teaser of this song as streaming media here. Watch out for the full song here, Which I will be uploading real soon. Do send in the bouquets and brickbats.

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