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13 comments | Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hi all,

I hope many of you got a chance to watch me sing in Airtel Super Singer. For folks outside india, You can vote online too in the following link. You need to sign up at the site. I humbly request all you folks inside and outside india who couldnt send an sms / televote to vote for me online!


Each of ur votes can help me achieve my dream.


24 comments | Monday, July 03, 2006

Its been a while since I wrote anything here. I have been very busy at my work and finally my product Flex 2.0 is released! I have never felt happier ever. Contributing to the successful release of a macromedia / adobe product is like a dream come true! But... You always achieve something at the expense of something! most of the times the casuality will be something that you hold very close to your heart. In my case I had to make a choice between my work and Airtel Super Singer competition. I still did not know how I made the decision! I love music more than my life itself, I love my job too. I decided to back out of SuperSinger because, the loss in that case is only mine. But if I had chosen to stay at that time, there will be so much that is dependent on me at my workplace that would have been affected. It is the job that has been providing me the lifestyle that I am enjoying today, right from my cloths to my flight tickets to chennai for the show. So I thought it was my responsibility to deliver whats expected of me for the successful release of my product.

I cursed my fate, but felt better since I believe everything happens for a reason - destiny is KING! on 28th of June, I was at restaurant umerkot with Asha eating dinner. I got a call from Vijay TV saying one of the esteemed judges of the show has chosen me as a wildcard and I could re-enter the competition. That was definitely a very very happy moment for me! It reinforced my belief on destiny - "whats bound to happen, will happen!" So, I am back in airtel supersinger. I will definitely give in my best to win this competition!. Moving forward, the audience have a very important role to play in who wins this show through telephone-sms polls. I humbly request all my readers to watch the show every fri-sat on vijay TV, encourage and support me if you feel I deserve to win this competition!

So this is the update after that small sabbatical from blogging.

Harish Sivaramakrishnan back in Airtel super singer as a wildcard entry after his decision to back out from the show owing to professional reasons